Our Mission:

Develop confidence and strength through movement in students of all ages.

We are Hub Parkour Training Center.

See Movement Differently 



Say you wanted to be a race car driver, you wouldn't start in an F1 Race car. Learning takes time, patience and a curriculum that drives constant progression. Our classes are designed to familiarize students of all ages with the fundamentals of movement, and then take that movement to their greatest potential.  



Our coaches are all experienced practitioners who have put thousands of hours into perfecting their technique, breaking huge fears and honing their ability to breakdown every skill. 

Every coach at HUB is vetted after years of experience training themselves. We surround ourselves with the most active community leaders, professional athletes and real life superheros to keep classes organized and packed to the brim with knowledge.



Parkour is highly dynamic - you need to have new challenges or things get...boring. Every week we reset the gym into a completely new environment - you never know what you'll see next class.

The structures in our gym were designed to withstand whatever you can throw at it. We know how important it is to trust every ledge, rail and angle so every inch of the gym was meant for climbing and jumping and routinely maintained.