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Coach Dylan

I started training Parkour is 2005 after seeing one of the first parkour videos by Team Urban Freeflow. The awe of what people could do with normal ordinary areas astounded me. I went outside that day and started jumping off everything at the local playground!

I enjoy so much a out coaching but my biggest thrill is helping a student ascend past a point they very vividly once thought impossible for them. I call it the "level up" moment.


Coach Aj

I've always had a love for high energy activities, from skateboarding and snowboarding to BMX and now Parkour.
After seeing videos on the internet and TV, my friends and I started practicing vaults at playgrounds when we were out BMX riding. I quickly fell in love with how pure and fluid the movements of parkour are.

I love coaching because I get to see how my students grow as athletes and it's a great experience seeing their progress.


Coach Jeremiah

Parkour for me started back when I was only 14. I saw one of my friends doing it and thought I'd give it a try. I fell in love with the feeling of control I had over my body. Ever since, I would go out every day and train, and I religiously watched youtube videos from all the top athletes

The number one thing I love about coaching is giving students confidence in themselves. Showing them that everyone is capable of amazing things, as long as they themselves are willing to do those amazing things.

Coach Scott

My name is Scott Jacobs and I have been training parkour for 6 years now. When I was in high school I was introduced to parkour by a few of my friends and I haven't looked back since. My favorite aspect of parkour is finding new ways to push the limits I can take myself to.


As a coach, nothing makes me happier than seeing a student who has been working on a skill all class finally get it. It reminds me of when I first started training. I'm so happy to be apart of a team who cares so much about this sport and wants to share that love with students all over Massachusetts!


Coach Tiago


Coach Davis

I started parkour after seeing videos of the Yamakazi group back when i was in 6th grade, that naturally progressed into me teaching myself how to speed vault and kong etc. I also had a trampoline so i was able to teach myself basic flips fairly early. Then in high school, i started track and field as a sprinter and jumper and that provided the perfect cross training for parkour

I enjoy coaching because I want to pass the knowledge i have about myself down to the next generation of athletes. They are the ones who will be pushing the sport in a decade, so i think it's important for them to have the strongest foundation possible for learning.