Youth Parkour is at the core of HUB: classes for ages 6-17 and every skill level in between. Classes are fully structured and designed to have students engaged 100% of class - no lines, waiting around, and full energy the whole time.

Parkour classes are for students who love to jump, climb, and explore their environment.

Parkour at Hub is a journey of fun, self-discovery, and conquering challenges. Wherever you begin in the process our coaches are here to help you progress into becoming a competent athlete and make your dreams of movement come true.

Coaches sit down weekly and figure a weekly theme that bonds all levels of classes to one facet of training. From there, the coaches take those concepts + skills to break them down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class plans to give not only a well rounded lesson, but something new and weird each week.

Class Activities Include:

  • Challenges

  • Speed Runs

  • Games

  • Skill Drills

  • Chase Tag

  • Floor Is Lava

  • Obstacle CourseS & more!

Parkour Schedule.png

WHAT IS PARKOUR? /pärˈko͝or/

The activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.


It has its origins in France through the teachings of George Hubert in La Méthode Naturelle. This focus on efficient movement was widely adopted by the French military.

David Belle, the founder of Parkour as a discipline, grew up in the streets of Lisse. He was taught how to move from his father Raymond, who spent his youth in the French Military.

With the rise of the Internet, Youtube made it possible to share different techniques and styles of movement. This helped to spread Parkour to the world stage and now it is one of the fastest growing sports of our generation.