At HUB PTC, we aim to instill old-school training methods of repetition and focus on technique with newer ideas of aesthetic and flow to develop a strong, mobile and unique parkour athlete.

Each class shares many different challenges and goals, but are all tied by our core focus's of safety, confidence and skill. 

Before enrollment, each student must attend four "Intro" level classes to learn gym rules, safety, skills, class flow and ultimately be placed in the skill level the coaches feel they will be most challenged in. 

Beginner 1 ( Ages 6-10 )

Beginner 2 ( Ages 10-16 )

Our first full level of parkour classes. 

Beginner introduces everything that makes parkour unique to other sports - the philosophy, general skills and proper technique. 

In this class we learn to move around the gym  in a safe, smooth way. The goals of beginner level are to be able to conquer the basic types of obstacles and movement

  • Clearing low-height obstacles (vaulting)
  • Jump and Landing Technique (precision jumping) 
  • Approaching high level obstacles (wall runs)
  • Safety Safety Safety (rolls, ergonomic landing)

1 Hour


AGES 10-16

By the time you're reaching and intermediate level class you've mastered the skills we've worked on in the beginner program.

Intermediate starts to refine and connect the skills you've worked on in beginner, and start to introduce more technical and physically challenging ideas to your training. 

  • Developing Flow (smoother connection of skills)
  • High-Level evolutions of basic skills
  • Acro (Tumbling, Tricking and Flips)
  • Safety at height, and with speed


1.5 Hours

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AGES 14+

Advanced class is where you truly make your movement your own. 

Every athlete is connected by a strong foundation of all skills, and here we start to focus in and define what are our strengths, and work to develop our most creative and unique interpretations of movement. 

2 hours