A Look Inside Camp Hub

Each day of Camp Hub introduces a new Parkour Skill for Campers:

· Safety · Vaulting · Walls · Bars · Acrobatics·

Campers will practice Parkour in an supervised, open environment under the guidance of our Camp Coaches who will bring them through stations, drills and challenges to make them pro in no time.

 Games like: Capture the Flag, Librarian and even Nerf Wars keep campers on their toes while taking a quick break from training Parkour.

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Daily Camp Schedule

The Daily schedule is designed to keep campers active while giving ample time to rest and recharge. 

During Snack and Lunch times, campers get a chance to rest their body and activate the mind. Campers will have the chance to learn about the history of parkour and other subjects like space, physics and athleticism.