A Look Inside Camp Hub

Each day of Camp Hub introduces a new Parkour Skill for Campers:

· Safety · Vaulting · Walls · Bars · Acrobatics·

Campers will practice Parkour in a supervised, open environment under the guidance of our Camp Coaches who will bring them through stations, drills, and challenges to make them a pro in no time.

But camp doesn't stop there - not by a longshot. 

We fill the day with games meant to unite all campers like Librarian ( a hub creation), Cross the River, NERF Wars...the list goes on. 

The campers watch educational videos like TedED, SciShow and VSauce to open their minds to the world outside the gym. They understand why fear works the way it does, the importance of good posture and why we should drink water!

Then there are creation times - some weeks the campers will design new parkour obstacles and layouts for the gym, some weeks they will design their very own superhero capes or even make new interactive games!

To finish it off we use meditation and yoga practices to cap off the day in a wholesome, rewarding way.