April Camp and Nerf Night

Whats going on HUB Fam!

summary: April Camp, NERF NIGHT, Outdoor Sessions and HUBBABLE!!


Coach Dylan here!

Ontop of NERF NIGHT this Friday...

We're all loving the weather weve been getting recently! I know all the coaches and myself are ready to come out of hibernation and back into training!


With the awesome weather we wanted to, for the first year, start some opportunities to train outdoors! Were going to start hosting an outdoor jam series on Sunday afternoons to introduce students to how to train outdoors well.

We're still figuring out the specifics but the basic plan would be to meet at Mansfield MBTA Station, and head to the Parkour Park in Sommerville, and eventually other Boston, and Rhode Island hotspots. There would be a coach chaperone, and some lunch times to get some grub! We'll keep you all posted, but it won't be happening til after HUBBABLE 9!

We also have a few FREE outdoor classes presented on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, so check out our events page to see those soon!

What is a HUBBABLE?

Hubbable is Boston's national jam, or gathering of Parkour athletes. This is a multi-day event where athletes come from all over America to hang out and train at some of Boston's best spots and gyms! It is unsupervised/ not a class so parents be aware!

This is a PG-13 event, but very wholesome and we want all our students to come out! You can find details on the Facebook event, about the outdoor sessions and gym sessions! HUB WILL BE CLOSED FOR APRIL 26-28!

Upcoming Camps!

What's more fun than a day off? Well HUB Day Camp of course!!

Low-ratio, high-instruction camps full of Parkour, Ninja and Trampoline!

Jeremy Washington