Trampoline is an amazing training tool and an emerging sport in its own right. In these classes students will learn not only how to develop land based tricks, but some that are unique to tramp! They will also learn how to navigate their, or their friends home trampoline safely.

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Our Beginner Trampoline Class is designed to get students comfortable with the trampoline. Basic body manipulation and simple flips is the main goal.

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Intermediate Trampoline Class will take air awareness to a whole new level. We expand upon the simple bed tricks and flips by pushing these skills past what you thought possible. You will have a whole new understanding of trampolines.

Training at Hub is a journey of fun, self-discovery, and conquering challenges. Wherever you begin in the process our coaches are here to help you progress into becoming a competent athlete and make your dreams of movement come true.

Coaches sit down weekly and figure a weekly theme that bonds all levels of classes to one facet of training. From there, the coaches take those concepts + skills to break them down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class plans to give not only a well rounded lesson, but something new and weird each week.

Trampoline? Classes?

YES! In recent years, Trampoline has exploded into its very own discipline. The goal is to flip, twist and bounce your way to Trampoline mastery. Think of it like floor gymnastics but all the flips and bounces can go on forever.