Ages (8-17)

[ Intro ]

Before we even begin classes, you'll need to know the ropes. Our Intro Program is designed to on-board new students with the skills to succeed in our Core Classes. Based on a Coach's recommendation, students will be placed in either Trampoline Basic or Trampoline Advanced. 

[ Core Class ]

Our Trampoline Class revolves around 2 levels: Trampoline Basic and Trampoline Advanced. This gives us the ability to ensure a safe environment for students to practice and develop their skills.



Trampoline is an amazing training tool and an emerging sport in its own right. In these classes students will learn not only how to develop on land based tricks, but some that are unique to tramp! They will also learn how to navigate their or their friends home trampoline safely.

These classes have very low student and instructor ratios, so make sure to reserve your space ahead of time!

Tramp 1.png

Trampoline Basic is for students very new to trampoline or limited use. They will learn the ins and outs of how to safely practice on trampoline, and some really great foundational skills. 

  • Develop Mastery of Fundamental Techniques.
  • Strengthen Mind and Body through Trampoline Challenges and Conditioning.
  • Learn Basic Tramp Skills (Seat Drop, Back Drop, Twisting).
Tramp 2.png

Trampoline Advanced is more advanced than 1 with more flips, trampoline wall incorporated and lots of mental acrobatic challenges.

  • Learn first stages of Advanced Trampoline Concepts.
  • Expand Acrobatic Vocabulary (Front/Back/Side Flip).
  • Learn to Maximize what you are capable of doing on a Trampoline