Practice Makes Progress.

To join our Core Classes, you must first pass 4 skill based Intro Classes:

1. Safety  2. Vaulting  3. Walls  4. Bars

During these classes we will cover the fundamentals of each skill. Based on your grade for each skill, our coaches will decide what level class you will start in.

Intro [4 Classes] - $60
Extra Class- $15

Monthly Enrollment. 

Here's for the learners. The ones that know to make progress you must always be the student, regardless of skill, age or experience. 

This sets you up with your class package + FREE, UNLIMITED Open Gym and member pricing on everything in the gym. 

  • 5 sessions / month - $1351 class/week
  • 9 sessions / month - $162 - 2 classes/week
  • 13 sessions / month - $185 - 3 classes/week
  • 10 Class Pack: Can't make it on a weekly basis? Check out our 10 Class Pack. This gives you 10 classes you can use within 5 months. - $300 (on Mindbody App)

Let's give them a head start.

Great athletes didn't just decide one day they wanted to be great. They started honing their skills earlier than most can ride a bike. Junior Classes are all about giving those future athletes a foundation they can use for the rest of their lives.

Lil Flippers (Ages 4-5)


$75 monthly /Unlimited + Open Gyms
$85 /5 Pack
$170 /10 Pack


Jump, Fly, Land, Repeat. 

You sometimes drop into class but mainly like working solo. Or maybe you've been training for years and need a place to be able to come on any rainy day or ALL of winter. 

  • General Admission  - $15
  • Members- FREE // bring a friend for $10 (2 max)
  • 5 Open Pass - $65
  • 10 Open Pass - $130


Take control of your movement.

We get it. You've got responsibilities now. Getting injured from something stupid and putting you out is the last thing you need right now. 

So take back control. We will teach you how we are supposed to move.

$15 /Drop In Single Class
$65 / 5 Pack
$130 / 10 Pack


Parkour + School Vacation = Awesome

(Ages 6-17)

Want to know the in's and out's of the world of Parkour?

Camp Hub brings you into our world where jumping, climbing and flying is just another day in the life.

Learn the history of parkour, watch top athletes push the boundaries of whats possible, and train yourself in the art of movement.

Full Weeks

Full Day- $400
Half Day- $200

School Break Weeks Only (no summer)

Single Full Day - $80
Single Half Day - $40



HUB's Home School Program runs Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. Each class is based on a modified version of our Youth Classes. After passing 4 intro classes, students will be placed in Beginner 1, Beginner 2 or Intermediate.  


Nerf Banner-02.jpg


First Friday of Every Month

As you might have already figured out, a parkour gym is a pretty awesome place for a NERF WAR! With obstacles, mats and music NERF Night at HUB becomes the ultimate war-zone.

Availability is based on the number of NERF guns we have - but if you have your own, feel free to join in.

*We use the NERF Rival series of guns. These have a loading mechanism that will be difficult for younger participants to operate. Due to this, we have a cap for NERF Night at 8 years old. Although, if you bring your own gun you are more than welcome to come no matter what your age.


General Entry- $15
Members- $12