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A birthday party at HUB means a party where you overcome obstacles, learn new skills and become bonded through movement with each friend you bring. 

     We offer birthday parties as customize-able and dynamic as the art of parkour itself so you can create your dream party. Whether you want to bring your crew through a bootcamp of parkour skills and walk away better athletes, or to run ninja warrior courses and play floor is lava - we've got you covered

For the biggest time of the year for your child, book the most exciting, interactive and unique party in New England. 

Our parties are designed to not only give each and every student a non-stop thrill, but have them leave knowing more about how they can move in everyday life - skills that will carry with them in every step and every sport they continue to pursue. 

From Parkour and learning to navigate the world around them, to Ninja Warrior where they can become ninjas for the day and conquer the wall in their very own obstacle course.

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  • 1.5 Hour Party

  • 1 Hour in Gym

  • 30 Mins Food/Cake Time

  • 10 Friends

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  • 2 Hour Party

  • 1.5 Hours in Gym

  • 30 Mins Food/Cake Time

  • 15 Friends

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  • 2 Hour Party

  • 1.5 Hours in Gym

  • 30 Mins Food/Cake Time

  • 20 Friends

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