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Ninja Basic sets students up with the fundamental knowledge of conquering the Ninja course. We give you the tools to master the common obstacles of ANW and help you prepare for the unexpected.

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Ninja Advanced is where we really set our sights on conquering the course. This class will test your grit and give you challenges that only the best Ninjas can overcome.

Training at Hub is a journey of fun, self-discovery, and conquering challenges. Wherever you begin in the process our coaches are here to help you progress into becoming a competent athlete and make your dreams of movement come true.

Coaches sit down weekly and figure a weekly theme that bonds all levels of classes to one facet of training. From there, the coaches take those concepts + skills to break them down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class plans to give not only a well rounded lesson, but something new and weird each week.

What is Ninja?

American Ninja Warrior has steadily gained traction as a leading new fitness craze. People train their body to do one thing: Conquer the Course. The idea behind Ninja is to develop your strength and dexterity to become the next American Ninja Warrior.