Ages (8-17)

[ Intro ]

Before we even begin classes, you'll need to know the ropes. Our Intro Program is designed to on-board new students with the skills to succeed in our Core Classes. Based on a Coach's recommendation, students will be placed in either Ninja Kids or Ninja Team 

[ Ninja Classes ]

Ninja Classes revolve around 2 levels: Ninja Basic and Ninja Advanced.  Every week we will be tackling new Ninja Warrior based challenges and building your strength to eventually conquer the course.



Ninja Warrior is taking over the nation with American Ninja Warrior, and TEAM Ninja Warrior! Since HUB is perfectly set up to train the next champion we've brought in Ninja Expert and TV Show Contestant Vince Klapper to run our NINJA Youth Program and Lead our first competing Ninja Warrior team! 

These classes focus on obstacle course navigation, upper body strength and consistency! 

Ninja 1.png

Ninja Basic is our recreational Ninja Warrior program for younger students learning the first steps of being a NINJA. 

  • Learn basics of strength and conditioning
  • Get introduced to Ninja Obstacles
  • Build your confidence in overcoming obstacles
Ninja 2.png

Ninja Advanced is for those looking to push their ninja skills far enough to take on the course. If you are in this class, you want a shot at Mt. Midoriyama.

  • Understand key strategies in conquering obstacles
  • Build strength and confidence in your body
  • Master your technique and broaden your abilities as a Ninja Warrior