At HUB Parkour we are bonded by a shared mission: 

See Movement Differently

     This means something different to each coach - it could be helping the football player see how to cross-train and up dexterity, it could be the jungle gym warrior seeing a path for their alternate vision or just giving students a home to be weird and be applauded for it

     Parkour in itself promotes inclusion, adaptability and a community that self learns from each other. We want to encapsulate the freedom of movement that training gives you while also putting each student on track to learning some truly awesome skills. The marriage of skill results and happy exploration is where we try to sit with HUB with each level of our classes. 

     Being an intrinsically non-competitive discipline (though there are routes for those who seek to compete) leaves the entire point of a parkour gym - and subsequently classes - to be to explore, grow and enjoy every minute.