Hub Events

We love tying the parkour community into HUB, it gives our student base not only something fun to do, but introduce to the athletes they may look up to!

We run a few monthly events, and a few special one off events. Check here to see them all!

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Monthly Events:

Our monthly community jam is essentially a big open gym! Here as a way to have an off-timed way to train with friends on some new set ups and equipment. 

Our challenge night here is all about low-pressure ways to advance your training into areas you may not normally train in. 30 self directed challenges get you training either with a friend or by yourself into new areas of the gym! Challenges set by coaches and visiting athletes!

Special Events:

The oldest game in the world RE-IMAGINED in HUB Parkour Training Center. 

Test your dexterity with our bracket-style elimination of Parkour Tag!


  • Each competitor will have a rip-off flag belt attached to them.

  • Each bout will feature two athletes within defined limits, with one being the tagger and one being the chased. 

  • Bouts will last 30 seconds within the tagger must rip-off the chasers flag or lose the match. 

  • Winner will move on to the next bracket to move closer to winning their division! 

//2 Brackets//

Children(10-14) - 6PM - 7PM
1 Adult(15+) 7PM - 8PM

Open Session to follow

The year we've all been waiting for...HUB 8

Boston Beware, HUBBABLE is here.