Leo Ross

Leo Ross

Getting started with Parkour is now even easier. 

Sometimes, starting is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Once you get going though, you just can't stop. This is the reason we started our new Beginner classes.

Beginner 1 is designed to help those with little to no athletic experience develop their skills among students at a similar level. This allows for a more natural and positive progression, making sure students can motivate each other to become better, stronger parkour athletes.

Beginner 2 is designed for students who have athletic experience, but parkour just seems like a foreign language. Coaches will focus on developing technique and getting students up to speed on basic parkour concepts.

With the new changes, Hub can keep class ratios low and focus on a quality coaching experience.


Watch them JUMP!

We are born to move. If we could, we would start students at birth. But, the ability to walk is kinda a prerequisite, so now we start them around that time.

Our Lil Jumpers class is an early development class dedicated to 3–4 years old with tons of energy and a positive attitude.

With the addition of this new class, our Lil Flippers class will now be dedicated to 4–6 years old. With these two early development classes, we hope to get your  kids  confident and comfortable.

Practice makes Progress.

But with nowhere to practice and an hour a week of classes, you aren't bound to progress very far.

We wanted to change that.

Hub Parkour Training Center is proud to announce that starting Fall 2016, we will be giving members Unlimited Open Gym... for free! Yup, free.

We understand that it's not exactly easy to train like the pros, and  we need to build our skills before we can use them effectively. Hub is opening Open Gym to members so students can get more confident with their movement, have a safe training environment, and participate in the parkour community here in MA.

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