Hey all! Coach Dylan here. What an awesome few weeks its been into the new “season” here at HUB. I wanted to create a forum to update members through email and the website of whats going on with HUB Parkour!

In September we added 3 New Programs to the roster here at HUB that we have been wanting to for so long: NINJA, TRAMPOLINE and FREERUNNING. The idea behind these programs was to allow students to open up their choice of training a bit more, whether they wanted to run obstacle courses in NINJA, bounce high in TRAMPOLINE or learn to flip better in FREERUN.

To answer a few questions that have popped up the past few weeks…



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  • If your student is enrolled in Pre-Beginner - Beginner 2, they are required to take atleast 2 INTRO classes in their new program to start joining those classes. Families have the option to either purchase these drop-ins separately (@ $15 a class) and continue their normal class attendance, or use one of their class drop ins from membership to redeem 2 intro classes. 1 regular class = 2 intro classes.

  • If your student is enrolled in Intermediate/Advanced, they can start attending class right away.

In September we also changed up our pricing to allow for more flexibility at HUB and to address some of the ways our customers were already coming here. This was hopefully lowering the barrier to attend classes at HUB with a reduced price, and an unlimited program for the growing population that was wanting to be here every waking moment. We realized a bit after September start that we were having customers fall into a grey are not wanting unlimited classes, but wanting to come a bit more than once a week.



  • We will now have three membership tiers: Once a week, Twice a week, and Unlimited.

  • Prices will now be $120, $160, and $200 per month, respectively.

  • Members who are already on Unlimited at the old rate will continue to keep that rate, likewise with members who would like to keep their legacy Once, Twice or Three Times Weekly Memberships from 2017/early 2018.

  • All students will have open access to any program they choose with their membership. (eg: Student A could come to Parkour one week, Freerun the next, etc…)

  • Once a Week (5 visits) and Twice a Week (9 visits) students will have not only their normal class a week(s) , but one “wildcard” class a month available to drop into a new program, or come an extra time that week.

Lastly, we tried to normalize our day to day schedule so students and families would have flexibility to choose the days they come in for make-ups and wild card classes. We listen to our membership on this point most of all as we are here for YOU. As the schedule continues please keep us informed how the schedule works for you all, and we will try our best to find what can work for existing students and new ones.


Changes and Updates to Schedule

All Changes can be found on the program pages,and schedule page of HUB

2019 Schedule STC.jpg
  • Adult Class on Monday is at 7PM

  • Intermediate and Advanced Level Classes On weekdays will start at 7PM

  • Early Development classes will now happen later in the afternoon on Tuesday and Thursday

  • We will be pushing the early am classes of Sat and Sunday forward to overlap and assist schedules and families!


The Team at HUB thanks you very much for your patronage, and can’t wait to have an awesome season back with you all. If anything pops up, or concerns you please feel free to reach out to us, or me personally at Dylan@HUBPTC.com

Keep training hard and see you soon!