Hub Parkour Training Center

Getting Started Training @ Hub

HUB was founded on a mission to create a safe, positive, and rewarding space for those who wanted to do something different.

We have designed a flow of how every new student joins classes that on-boards them into not only the culture of the gym, but some of our safety and common sense training advice so when they do jump in, they are ready to rock-n-roll without the confusion of a new facility.

Step 1: Sign the Waiver

This also creates a MindBody account for you and your family.

Step 2: Attend your Introductory Classes

Only our 6-17 year old crowd is required to go through the INTRO program.

We understand that starting a new sport can be a daunting experience for both student and parent.

Intro Classes at Hub are designed to get new members up to speed with our current students by showing them the flow of class, common sense training tips and safety protocols.

The Introductory Program is a 4 week course that goes over the basics of each class, general safety knowledge, and comfort in the gym.

Once a week students will come in to meet their coach and complete that weeks intro class for their chosen program.

Once completed the coach will give each student their Class Level Recommendation on the level they naturally met. Some students will score higher than others if they have previously done parkour, gymnastics, etc.

Introductory Classes revolve on a Monday-Sunday schedule, so while we allow you to take more than one a week (which is awesome!) you will still be required to attend each weeks lesson.

Sign up for your first INTRO class using the links below!


Last Step: Get into classes!

Find the package below that works well for you and consult our awesome team about getting started. You are welcome to get into your first class directly after your last introductory class!

Artboard 2.jpg

Once Weekly is a great way for new students to get started with Hub. It includes:

  • Member Pricing

  • One Free Open Practice /month

  • 4 Classes + 1 Wild Card Class

$24 per class + Open Gym Pass

Artboard 4.jpg

Twice Weekly is for students who want to get on track to becoming a seasoned Athlete with Hub. It includes:

  • Member Pricing

  • One Free Open Practice /month

  • 8 Classes + 1 Wild Card Class

$17 per class + Open Gym Pass

Artboard 3.jpg

Unlimited is the best way for you to become a well rounded athlete with tons of skills up their sleeve. It includes:

  • Member Pricing

  • Unlimited Open Practice

  • Unlimited Classes

As low as $6 per class + Daily Open Gym

From this point you are welcome to jump into any program you wish, and attend as many classes you can muster!

As a MEMBER of HUB Parkour Training Center you get some perks which you can find on our member section of the website.