Freerunning is about expressing yourself in a setting using your movement. This means flips, spins, parkour and even dance moves to get as creative and airborne as possible.

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Our Basic Freerun class is designed to get the creative juices flowing. We will set you up with the base techniques that flow into the more advanced movements. You can’t build a Freerunning tower with no foundation.

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Freerun Intermediate takes our basic movements and evolves them. Kicks merge with flips, spins merge with parkour, and obstacles around you become another opportunity to have fun.

Training at Hub is a journey of fun, self-discovery, and conquering challenges. Wherever you begin in the process our coaches are here to help you progress into becoming a competent athlete and make your dreams of movement come true.

Coaches sit down weekly and figure a weekly theme that bonds all levels of classes to one facet of training. From there, the coaches take those concepts + skills to break them down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class plans to give not only a well rounded lesson, but something new and weird each week.

What is Freerun?

Freerunning is creative expression using the body’s movements, and looking at obstacles as an opportunity to create new movements. You develop a skill set of movements that you use as paint and cover obstacles with those movements.