Can I take a tour of the gym or watch a class?

Coming into our Open Practice is the best time to get a tour of the gym, while the Intro Class is the best way to get a feel for how classes operate.

How old does my kid have to be in order to take parkour classes?

Classes are separated by age and skill. The youngest age for our youth classes is 6 years old. Younger students can jump into our Junior Classes (Minimum age: 4)

What are Intro classes?

Intro Classes are Hub’s way of getting prospecting students up to speed with the fundamentals of Parkour. We also use this class as a placement test for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

What level does my kid go into after completing Intro classes?

Leveling will be decided by the Intro Class Instructor.

Does my kid need a wavier filled out in order to take classes?

Yes. No one is allowed into the Practice Space without a waiver signed.

Is Open Practice like a class?

Open Practice is more like an open period for visitors to come and train parkour skills and get tips from the Coaches. There is no dedicated instruction happening.

Does my kid have to have a membership in order to do classes?

No and Yes. Classes are set up to take membership students, but we also have an option to buy a 10 Class Pack that you can use within 3 months. This is just in case you can’t commit to a monthly membership.

What kind of sneakers should my child use for classes?

Student should opt for rubber soled shoes since these provide the best traction. Foam Bottom shoes are OK, but have given students problems in the past.



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